About Us

Excuse us, but this web page title is a misnomer.

Actually it should read ‘About You’.

Cause, without you we don’t exist.

Our ideas. Our passion. Our work.

And this website too. Amounts to nothing.

Zilch. Zero. Shunya. Without you.

In this era of short attention span, allow us to come straight to the point.

Suffice it to say that, when you were dreaming of your

home in the hills, we were building it.

Because we think like you. We feel for you.

We want to fulfill you aspirations.

For a wonderful, cheerful, exuberant life.

For you and your family.

We are you. And this is your team.

The Team

Debasish Chakraborty

Born in a poor but cultured family, Mr. Debasish completed his education at the Ramakrishna Mission. Here he imbibed the virtues of harmony of religions, harmony of the East and the West, harmony of the ancient and the modern, spiritual fulfillment, all-round development of human faculties, social equality, and peace for all humanity, without any distinctions of creed, caste, race or nationality.

Soon after, he founded a courier company, DTDC Courier & Cargo Ltd., with a budget of just
Rs. 70000/- and soon with his innate talent and by sheer dint of hard work, took it to the top among Indian domestic courier companies. But his heart and mind was marching to the beats of a different drummer. One fine day, he simply decided to listen to his heart and mind and follow his passion to live his life amidst nature.  He sold his stake in his extremely successful and flourishing business – DTDC – to Reliance Capital, to seek creative fulfillment and to fulfill his life’s ambition of living in the company of nature.

It was in the year 2007, that he bought a small farm house of 7 acres at Karjat and due to his selfless character it dawned on him that others too should enjoy a healthy, happy, peaceful life in the unpolluted atmosphere of Karjat. In his quest to bring into his fold other nature lovers, tired from the stress of daily grind in the city, he chose the best parcels of green land adding 28 acres, to form Hill Crest, and built contemporary villas along with 4 star resort facilities.

We invite you to personally visit Hill Crest to experience a work of love in the serene surroundings of Karjat. Rest assured you will fall in love, head over heels. Meanwhile you can have a glimpse of the Founder-Director of Hill Crest, Mr. Debasish Chakraborty’s labour of love through the pages of this website. He is being assisted in his labour of love by his better half and one of the Director of the Company, Mrs. Rinku Chakraborty and his son Suhasish Chakraborty.

Rinku Chakraborty
The ever smiling Rinku has overlooked the creation of Hill Crest right from the time the cornerstone was installed. Having green fingers herself, the magnificently landscaped garden with flowering shrubs and exotic plants have responded gallantly to her tender loving care. With her fine taste for art and artifacts that accentuates the overall beauty of the interiors and exteriors of Hill Crest, the charming lady oversees the estate, as if to the manor born.

Suhasish Chakraborty

An alumni of the University of Warwick, after his graduation in MSC Marketing & Strategy, Suhasish worked for some time in a NBFC before joining Hill Crest as a Director. An avid traveler, he has experienced the hospitality and enjoyed the cuisine from the world’s best resorts and hotels. He wanted to not only replicate and recreate the experience in Hill Crest Projects, but wants to take the architecture, service and the entire experience to the next level.  You can see the hand of Suhasish in the minute details of every square feet of the 18.5 acres of Hill Crest Villa Project at Karjat.